Pet Sitting Stop

Pet Sitting Stop Options for Milwaukee & Surrounding Communities.

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Our stops are NOT dependent on time like our competitors, they are dependent on the individual needs of your pack.


Done in your home, services can include anything to make life a little easier when it comes to your pet – send us a text the night before, we’ll pick up food. No time to set up grooming? We’ll work with our partners to get your pet clean! Dog park run? Sure! No problem.
There’s no additional charges for additional pets!
Looking for daily & weekly services? You’ll save money off of our services & items in our pet store:


1-2 per week/month: 5% off
3-4 per week/month: 10% off
5+ per week/month: 15% off


Dog Stops: $20/stop
Cat/Small Animal Stops: $18/stop

Looking for overnight in your home? Our staff can give your pet comfort in their own home overnight. Our services are 7pm-7am and include one additional day time walk for $125/night.

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