Pet Boarding (No Kennels)

Pet Boarding, Without the Kennels.

Take the fear out of boarding with pet boarding at our home! It’s life in a new location, but with the same rules. Sleep in bed with humans? Done. Snuggle on the couch and watch TV? Sure! Walks every day? Absolutely (and no extra charge)!

Our pet boarding offers your pet the ability to stick to their schedules as best as we can! We’ll go over all the details with you during your consult (which is in your home) as well as all the paperwork.

We use only use organic, non-toxic cleaning products.

However, because our facility is OUR HOME, we do not accept “pop ins.” We work very hard to control energy levels of the dogs and new people make them skyrocket. For the safety of our pets and yours, we ask that if you’d like to see our home it is by appointment only.

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