Pricing & Options

Get all the love, but without the kennel and the pain-in-the-pocketbook. We offer a variety of pricing & options to help with your budget.

Pricing for pet sitting starts at just $17/day depending on your service. Updates on your pet can be found via Facebook & Instagram while you’re away!

Have a special needs pet? Most special needs are included in pricing!



Interested in weekly service options (Day Care or Pet Sitting Stops)? We call this “VIP” and you’ll get tons of bonus items – like no late booking fees, no cancelation, special reservation spots and percentages off all services and merchandise from our store.


1 service a week a month: No extra fees (cancelation, late booking), special booking spots for overnight.
2 services a week a month: 5% off all services, products plus above.
3-4 services a week a month: 10% off all services, products plus the 1 service perks, free pick up & drop off.
5+ services a week a month: 15% off all services, products plus the 1 service perks, free pick up & drop off.


Pet Sitting Service & Daily Dog Walks (no charge for additional pets)
$20 – Dogs
$18 – Cats/Small Animals
No time limitation & still concierge – dog parks, groomers, pick up and drop off! Whatever you need 🙂

Day Care (6am-7pm Monday through Friday, 9am-5pm Weekends)

25% off additional dogs.

Looking for overnight care? Day care is charged for each day, plus there is a $15 per night fee. If pick up or drop off occurs no later than one hour of opening or closing, no day care fee for that day is added.

$18 – Per NIGHT
(from 6pm-7am Monday through Friday, 4pm-10am Weekends).
25% off additional dogs. 

Cat Boarding (Per Day)

$25 per day
25% off additional kitty condo roommates.


Have a Pet that Doesn’t Do Well with Others?
Contact us about different options, from daily walks at just $20 a stop to boarding at a quiet facility for $60/day (only available to regularly scheduled VIP clients), we can help set up and direct you in the right direction.


432 E. Bay Street, Milwaukee WI 53207

Monday-Friday 6am-8pm
Saturday-Sunday 9am-5pm

CLOSED Holidays for Pick up and drop off (care is still 24/7) – New Years Day, Easter Sunday, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas.

Closes at 5pm on Thanksgiving Eve, Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve.