Home Pet Sitting (Facility)

Home pet sitting is better than kennels!

It’s generally our policy to not allow people in the home when we have a mixed pack due to the nature of dogs, over excitement and anxiety. When new people are introduced into our home pet sitting environment the dogs can sometimes over react, which may result in unwanted behavior. We have set up this page to showcase our home environment for your pet sitting needs. If you would like more information, please make an appointment. We are MORE THAN happy to showcase our facility during our off hours.

Animals are allowed our furniture. We have several different styles of beds to fit their needs – from a low bed for older dogs to our standard bed. We do enjoy allowing the pets to sleep with us at night.

Dogs ARE NOT allowed to eat near each other during our home pet sitting. They are separated into different rooms to avoid aggressive behaviors. This is when we use kennels as well.

Our home pet sitting is all inclusive – that means natural food prep, medications, etc. are all included in the price. In addition, we provide all treats. We use only natural, non-chicken and grain-free treats to avoid common allergy issues.

Each room contains two waterbowls and several dog beds for comfort & convenience for your pet. All beds are washed weekly. We use only pet-friendly, natural products to clean our home and as detergent for all items they may touch.

Our yard is completely fenced in allowing play time outdoors off leash.

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