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about pet sitting services at While You Were Out PetsServing the South Eastern, Wisconsin area (Pet Sitters in Milwaukee).
Premier pet sitting at affordable prices, no kennels!

 Offering the lowest-cost, highest quality product of services for your pet. From Day Care solutions, daily/weekly stops, to overnight service, to quality attention in your home


Why Us?

Not only is While You Were Out Pet Sitting Services, LLC the only home environment care provider that is legally licensed in Milwaukee, our service is 24/7 and operates year round. Our pricing is ALL INCLUSIVE and we are the only TRUE no-time limitation option for your pet care needs.
We’re also the lowest cost provider that offers fully benefited employees, non-kennel environment, instant updates and more! Become a VIP and schedule weekly stops and you’ll save even more (including items in our pet store)!


For pet sitting stops, you’re paying for care NOT a time clock, meaning NO TIME LIMITATION. You won’t pay extra for additional pets, grooming appointment runs, vet runs, dog park play, pet store runs, etc – you’ll just pay for happy, content pets.

For day care, we’re a smaller environment with one of the highest pet-people rations in Milwaukee. That means more people to play, snuggle and walk your pet. With multiple play areas and a fenced in yard, our pups get tired out quickly (and happily). There’s no kennel or “nap” time like our leading competitors! Your pets will play all day – even if you drop them off at 6am and pick them up at 7pm!

For overnights
our staff lives on-site, meaning it’s 24/7 care. Instead of cold cement and steel bars, pets have the option of sleeping in bed with staff, lounging on the couch or snuggling on one of our dog beds or crates. Walks are included. Kongs are included. In other words, we try to make it like “normal” life – just with a lot more friends!
We are insured and bonded through Kennel Pros.


What areas?

Currently serving: Greater Milwaukee Area, Oak Creek, Franklin, Cudahy, St. Francis, Bay View, 3rd Ward, 5th Ward, Downtown, East Side, Upper East Side, Shorewood, Whitefish Bay, Wauwatosa, West Allis, parts of New Berlin.

New to While You Were Out Pet Sitting Services?

Prior to our first sitting we’ll come over for a 1/2 hour free consultation at your home. This way you can make sure you’re comfortable with us and we’re comfortable with your pet. We’ll walk through normal routines, dos and don’ts and feeding processes.

Ready to get started?? Email availability@wywopets.com or Book Online! Check us out on Facebook!

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