about pet sitting services at While You Were Out PetsServing the South Eastern, Wisconsin area (Pet Sitters Milwaukee).
Premier pet sitting at affordable prices, no kennels.

 Offering the lowest-cost, highest quality product of services for your pet. From Day Care solutions, to overnight service, to quality attention in your home

ABOUT US: While You Were Out Pet Sitting was started in 2002 when owner, Tiffany Weber realized she couldn’t have dogs in her apartment. To supplement her love of animals, friends invited her to watch their pets at their homes. Since 2002 our pet sitting services has grown and now features in-home and out-of-home care options, 4 animal-loving employees and pet sitting beyond cats and dogs.

All pet sitting services are not the same. Here, there’s no need to worry about getting Fluffy back into her routine, our employees stick to schedules. There’s no kennels (unless you provide one and it’s part of the routine) and there’s plenty of extra attention. Your pets will feel like they’ve been on vacation! You’ll receive updates via phone messaging or social media with pictures to remind you of them while you’re gone.

We also serve the needs of special pets. Our employees have experience with ailments like diabetes, blindness and deafness for your four-legged child – and it doesn’t cost extra! Your pets needs are our top priority!

It’s important to us to keep pricing that’s affordable. We offer day time dog care, up to 10 hours; in/out care for kitty stops, daily dog walks, overnight care without kenneling and more. Ask us about what service is right for you.

We are insured and bonded through Kennel Pros.


New to While You Were Out Pet Sitting Services?

Prior to our first sitting we’ll come over for a 1/2 hour free consultation at your home. This way you can make sure you’re comfortable with us and we’re comfortable with your pet. We’ll walk through normal routines, dos and don’ts and feeding processes.

Ready to get started?? Email availability@wywopets.com or Book Online! Check us out on Facebook!