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Let’s Talk About What You Do Here!

So there’s not too much scrolling, here’s some basic job descriptions of our different roles.

It turns out this isn’t just playing with pets, you see, sometimes they’re messy and it turns out ALL animals go to the bathroom, so you will have to clean up A LOT in this position. It turns out that a lot of animals also like routines, so hopefully you’re really good with time management too. Because a lot of staff is on the road, our communications are done a lot over messaging, but our bosses are always here to chat if you ask. Holidays are required, weekends too. A person that is willing to go the extra mile, pick up some shifts, etc is going to get a job before a person that uses words like “I can’t” or “I won’t.”

We try to make life fun & rewarding, but we’re also a SUPER small environment with the highest ratio of dogs to people out of any LICENSED LEGAL Milwaukee facility. We also put more emphasis on CARE than price point. So while it’s sad that you can’t make $100,000 here, it’s also something I want you to understand before you apply. The average cat stop costs someone $16/stop, the average dog stop $17/stop, the average day care day is $21.50 and the average over night is about $32/day (that’s overnight and day care). So keep those numbers in mind while applying. Still not sure? Here’s a listing of average rates people WITH EXPERIENCE get paid.

While experience is not a must (hey, our owner worked 14 years in ADVERTISING before going full time), it will help in justifying employment and higher wages.

So now that we aired our dirty laundry and you’re still interested …


Here’s What’s Available

Saturday, Sunday & Tuesdays: 90% Day Care, 10% Pet Concierge. Vehicle a MUST.
Compensation $7.75-10/hour Depending on Experience



What’s Day Care Like?
Positions in day care mean supervising, playing, walking, feeding dogs. You’ll be working with other employees in maintaining our property and providing the dogs a fun, off-leash environment to run and play in. Our care is also 24/7 so you may be asked to pull an overnight here and there (snuggle dogs in bed? CHECK, get paid to sleep? CHECK!).

To do this position you must have at least 1 year handling dogs over 60lbs, have a drivers license, be 21+ years old and have a clean record. We would LOVE you to have some background in multi-dog environments but we can teach the right candidate.



What is a Dog Walker or Pet Sitter?

This is a position where you go to other people’s homes to take care of pets. You’ll be servicing all sorts of animals, mainly dogs & cats. Our stops don’t have a time limit but you do need to be time-oriented so that pets get the care when they need. You do have to work in ALL weather conditions, you’ll be walking, playing, picking up, brushing and sometimes even bathing pets. This position requires a person that is a HUGE animal lover and is flexible with schedule changes.

To do this position we do require you to have a working vehicle, be properly licensed, be over 21 years of age, have a clean driving record, have a minimum of 1 year experience walking dogs, know how to scoop a litter box and be willing to dedicate a minimum of 12 months to the care of the pets. An extra bonus if you have handled things like insulin shots.



What is a Pet Concierge?

This is a combination of both jobs above and our most popular position.


What do I get?

ALL of our positions include:

  • Bonding & Insurance
  • Uniforms
  • Cell Phone for taking Photos
  • General Disability Stipend
  • 2 Annual Bonuses

FULL TIME Positions (30+ Hours) Include:
In addition to the above you’ll get:

  • 100% PREMIUM PAID Health Care Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Discount Program
  • Paid Time Off

CONCIERGE Positions Also Include:

  • Vehicle Stipend (based on number of sits)
  • Tips from Clients




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